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Ashtanga Yoga

Led Ashtanga yoga class is a dynamic method of choreographed sequences of postures linked with breath and concentration techniques designed to stretch, strengthen, and detoxify your body.  This traditional led Ashtanga Yoga class is tailored to the varying levels of the students present. Expect to sweat and be challenged!  Class will follow half of the Primary Series (up to Navasana, depending on the level of the group).  Some simple hands on adjustments will be offered, and modifications will be shown.  Ashtanga yoga is great for building core strength and toning the body.


Boxing will work your whole body and mind. The instructor will lead you through rounds of different punches and combos. You will receive a high level of cardio, muscle strength, sharp reflexes and a focused mind.

HITT 40/20 Training

If you want to take your fitness to a new level, join us for high intensity interval training! HIIT is a specialized form of interval training that involves short intervals of maximum intensity exercise followed by longer intervals of lower to moderate intensity exercise.


Students will benefit from karate's focus on building character; developing concentration and listening skills, learning respect for others, and improving self-esteem.  Kids will learn the basic strikes, blocks, kicks and stances used in karate training.


A contemporary paradigm shift in physicality. Explore the playful and refreshing approach towards movement development with the fundamentals of "Ido Portals Method".  Develop essential tools that will help us understand our true potential as human movers.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the martial arts of Thailand, also known as the art of eight limbs. This class includes fundamental drills, basic offensive and defensive footwork, proper form of punches, kicks, and knees, as well as loads of cardio and conditioning. You’ll learn great techniques as well as blasting out rounds on pads and partner drills, working the mental and physical discipline. This class builds confidence and focus, releasing stress and creating a positive vibe.

Nalu Barre

Barre classes are for all levels of students and are not dance classes.  The ballet barre is used for stability while working through pilates based exercises.  Movements are typically small and easy on the joints.  Taking barre classes will increase strength and flexibility, as well as tone your entire body, creating longer, leaner muscles. The classes are set to upbeat music and are challenging, fun and fresh.

Restorative Yoga

Calm the mind and body with this soothing Restorative Yoga class.  Restorative yoga poses require no muscular exertion; each pose is held for several minutes and deeply supported by props – cushions, bolsters, and blocks.  Students leave feeling nourished, well rested and refreshed; with a new cultivated awareness and clarity.  No yoga or meditation experience is needed and all levels are welcome.

Surfer's Rehab Yoga

This stretch and rest class is designed to compliment an active surfing practice. It includes a combination of classic and restorative postures for rebalancing the body after paddling, ducking and rolling all morning… In other words - no chaturanga/push-ups. We will be exploring re-opening range of motion in the shoulders and torso through therapeutic movement and held stretches with a little strength and stability focus in the lower body. Excessive use of props and special attention to working with a soft edge will help set the body back to neutral so we can do it all over again.

TRX and Foundation Training: Lengthen, Strengthen, Decompress

In every day life your body moves using muscle groups, not isolated muscles, and in 3 planes of motion.  The TRX allows you to work in all 3 of these dimensions using multi joint movements at all times.   Combine that with balance, flexibility, constant core challenge, and a low impact on the body and the TRX makes you good at....well....LIFE.  Jon offers both private and group sessions and you can expect to work through a range of different movements that will enhance strength, endurance, balance, power, coordination, core strength, mobility, and more. Step outside your comfort zone, break boundaries, challenge yourself, and meet challenges with others. Don't just exercise because you think you have to.  Train to do what you love, to move better everyday & pain free, train for adventure, surf stronger, play longer....MOVE

Yin Yoga

This class is an exploration of the deeper layers of the body, releasing and subtly softening the connective tissue which can stiffen over time. This is a practice of deep openings and working with the edges of the physical body, emotional body and the psyche. The qualities of Yin are classically cold, passive, receptive and slow. This is a meditative long hold practice of witnessing, allowing and surrendering. Some yoga experience is recommended, however all levels are welcome.

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