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We are a couple from New York City that kept coming to visit Nosara to get away and enjoy some warm water surf and yoga classes in the jungle. Each time our visits kept getting longer and longer. We always dreamt about moving to Nosara, but that seemed impossible! We had our first child in New York, but barely had the opportunity to spend any quality time with her because of our demanding jobs and long hours. So by the time we had our second child, we decided to take the leap. We took a 9 month trial run living in Nosara and by the end of the first month, we decided we were never moving back. We only went back to New York to sell everything we had.

Here we are five years later, full time residents of Nosara, loving life and enjoying time with our family in the sun and surf!  We opened up our own little oasis called Nalu.  We wanted to create a place where families and friends can stay, where you feel safe and relaxed, where you can live a healthy lifestyle, and where kids can run free. So we hope you will come stay with us and sure enough, we will try to persuade you to move down here too...

We love Nalu because we had the opportunity to create a little haven in the heart of Guiones from the ground up. We were also lucky enough to work with a world-renowned architect, Benjamin Garcia Saxe, who designed these beautiful unique homes and the fitness studio. We also have a spa on site where you can enjoy a variety of therapeutic bodywork, physical therapy, and chiropractic work. You can walk to surf, to all the restaurants and the shops. Each villa has its own private saltwater pool so you can enjoy the privacy of your own home or come socialize with others at the playground or at the fitness studio, where we offer public classes like yoga and kickboxing.

You really don't have to go far to enjoy everything Nosara has to offer.

What is Nalu? 

Nalu means wave in Hawaiian and to go with the flow.  Here in Costa Rica, they have a similar saying Pura Vida that you will come to hear daily from all the locals.  Essentially, Pura Vida means eternal optimism and just go with the flow, or Nalu it - which is how we strive to live our lives.

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