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Blue Zone

Dear Nalu Guest,

At Nalu, we are privileged to be located in one of the world’s most beautiful
Blue Zones. With this privilege comes great responsability, which is why we
are deeply committed to the protection of this natural environment. We would
like you to join us by taking part in our conservation program, helping us
minimize our environmental impact & ensuring a better use of natural resources.

We invite you to join us in this cause through the following simple actions,
which make a big difference:
- reuse of towels
- reuse of linens
- use our in-house filtered drinking water & avoid buying plastic
- minimize electricity and AC usage

This villa comes with the following environmentally friendly features:
- LED lighting
- energy efficient appliances
- recycled gray water for our gardens
- solar hot water heater
- recycled wood
- energy saving key cards

Thank you.
We hope you enjoy your stay!

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